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Whatís new at SigmaTech?

   Vinod Bhasin wins the John Haas Memorial Award from ASTM.

   Vinod Bhasin serves as chief judge for the Chemical Processing _Awards (Valer Awards)


Mr. Bhasin Named Recipient of John Haas Memorial Award.

W. Conshohocken, Pa., Jan. 2000 - Vinod Bhasin, President of SigmaTech in Pittsburgh, PA, has received the John Haas Memorial Award from ASTM Committee F25 on Ships and Marine Technology in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the committee.

Mr. Bhasin, a registered professional engineer, has been very involved in standards development and currently leads several valve and actuator task groups within the ASTM Committee F25. He is the Co-Chairman of subcommittee F25.13 on Piping Systems and Components. He joined ASTM in 1991.

A 1968 mechanical engineering graduate, Mr. Bhasin also holds mastersí degrees in mechanical and industrial engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL. He served as Chief Engineer at Hills McCanna Company and Rockwell International, and as a fellow engineer at Westinghouse. In 1995, he founded SigmaTech, a consulting engineering company serving the Fluid Systems and Components industry.

Mr. Bhasin has more than 30 years of experience in the design, application, and manufacturing of fluid systems, valves, and actuators. He has taught undergraduate courses in solid mechanics and machine design, and professional development courses on valves and actuators. Mr. Bhasin has published numerous technical papers in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Processing, Chemical Processing International (UK), and the Journal of Naval Engineering related to piping, valves, actuators, insulation materials, and fire-safety for Fluid Systems. Mr. Bhasin has served as Chief judge on panel of judges for Chemical Processing Awards (also known as Valer Award). This competition selects key developments meriting recognition in the chemical processing industry. In addition to his ASTM work, Mr. Bhasin is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Committee F25 is one of 129 ASTM technical standards-writing committees. Organized in 1898, ASTM is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world.

John Hass Memorial Award

This award is presented as a formal recognition for an individualís outstanding contribution to the work of ASTM Committee F-25, The award was established in honor of John Hass for his outstanding leadership as one of the founding members of the Committee whose technical and administrative support helped establish F-25 as a strong, growing organization in the field of shipbuilding. Established in 1996, the award is administered by Committee F-25.


Chemical Processing Awards Chief Judge

Mr. Bhasin has served as Chief judge on the panel of judges for the Chemical Processing Awards (also known as Valer Awards). This competition selects key developments meriting recognition in the chemical processing industry.


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