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Reconditioning, Repair, and Maintenance

Reconditioning and repair

We provide reconditioning, repair, modifications and actuation services on any type, material, and make of valves. We do custom repair of valves – your plant or our shop - under stringent quality control. We can test any valve with steam, air/gas, or liquid in compliance with industry standards such as ASME, API, MSS, FCI, and Pressure Vessel Boiler Codes.

Relief & Safety relief valves – valves of all sizes and manufacturers

Gate, Globe & Check valves – 1" through 48" steel, iron, and steel. Class 125 through 4500

Tilting Disc Check valves – 2" through 36" steel or iron. Class 125 through 2500

Butterfly valves- 6" through 100" resilient seat or metal to metal seats

Control/Pressure regulating valves – 1/2" through 24". Class 125 through 2500

Plug valves – 1" through 24". Class 25 through 2500

Ball valves – 2" through 48". Class 125 through 2500

Strainer valves – 4" through 36". Single, Self-cleaning, or Duplex

Specialty valves – Cryogenic, High-temperature, Oxygen, Chlorine, NACE, etc.

Valve actuator and control system packages – fully engineered, mounted, tested, and installed.


Our repair facilities are certified and hold the VR stamp of approval from The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors.


SigmaTech is ready to partner with you to provide a comprehensive valve maintenance service on a long-term basis.


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