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Staff and Facilities

SigmaTech has the field-proven know how to offer you a complete flow-control package. But more than that, we have people. Experienced people. Innovators. Accommodators - working with you or consulting engineers-to tailor the package that meets your particular requirements best. So why work in a crowd? Work with SigmaTech--the single source.


*  Vinod Bhasin, Consulting Engineer

*  Charles Kohlert, Consulting Engineer

*  Allen Shafii, Consulting Engineer

*  James Whitmore, Consulting Engineer

*  Test facilities


Vinod Bhasin, Consulting EngineerVinod Bhasin, Principal

Mr. Bhasin, founder and President of SigmaTech, has over 30 years of professional experience in engineering consulting and manufacturing programs for piping, valves, and actuators for several companies including Hills McCanna Company, Rockwell International, and Westinghouse Electric Corporation. He served as Chief Engineer at Hills McCanna Company and Rockwell International.

He is an alumnus of Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, Illinois. A registered PE, he holds BSME, MSME, and MSIE degrees. He has published numerous papers in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Processing, Chemical Processing International (UK), CPI 100, and the Journal of Naval Engineering related to piping, valves, and actuators.

Mr. Bhasin has taught courses in valves and actuators - design & applications for the Instrumentation Society of America, the US Navy; NASA; and undergraduate courses in Solid Mechanics, and Machine Design at IIT.

Mr. Bhasin is member of ASME and ASTM and is chairing several technical committees under ASTM F25 committee.

Charles Kohlert, Consulting Engineer 

Mr. Kohlert brings over 30 years of professional experience in the design , applications, and testing of industrial valves and actuators. His experience includes the development and production start-up of electric and pneumatic actuators, and electronic controls product lines. Additional responsibilities included sales support, field service, production liaison, Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards approvals, and actuators standards committees. His specialties include electromechanical products, motors, gear trains, pneumatics, low-pressure hydraulics, and electronic and pneumatic control components.

He has taught engineering design courses at the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, Illinois. A registered PE, Mr. Kohlert holds a BSME degree from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, Illinois. He is a senior member of Instrumentation Society of America (ISA).

Allen Shafii, Consulting Engineer

Mr. Shafii has over 25 years experience in design and maintenance of industrial and commercial systems for severe service applications for major utility and industrial customers throughout the US.  His experience spans nuclear systems and process and control applications.

By virtue of his field experience, he has gained valuable insight into the “real-world” design and maintenance problems of valve and control systems.  He has a strong working knowledge of valve manufacturing companies and has a solid reputation in solving tough valve application problems.

Mr. Shafii holds a Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, and a Masters in Business Administration from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts.

James Whitmore, Consulting Engineer

Mr. Whitmore has over 20 years of professional experience in the design, application, and manufacturing of valves and actuators for several companies including EIM Controls, RuLynn, Keystone Controls and Biffi, Inc.. He has a B.S. Degree in Maritime Engineering from Texas A&M University. Mr. Whitmore's expertise is in the field of electric actuators. He has taught valve and actuator classes worldwide from basic applications for Valve distributors to advanced courses for Valve and Engineering Companies. 

Test facilities

SigmaTech can offer you several test facilities depending upon your requirements. We can perform hydrostatic, flow leakage, torque, operational, shock, vibration, endurance, and fire testing of valves and actuators at our liaison test facilities, or your own test facilities


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