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Valve and Actuator Engineering Services

SigmaTech offers a complete line of services for your valve and actuator needs - all from a highly qualified and readily available staff.

Our award winning engineers represent a wide range of technical disciplines and capabilities including valve design, testing, applications, and troubleshooting. We will take you from Concept to Production in an orderly, fast, and cost-effective way.

We are a small, dynamic, focused group of specialists and are poised to respond quickly – as fast as within 24 hours of receiving your call.

Engineering & DesignComposite Ball Valve

Brainstorming and Conceptual design

Layout and Detail Drawings

Design for manufacture

Reverse Engineering

FEA Stress analysis

Flow calculations, simulation

ApplicationsDesign Review

Selection of valves and applications

Compliance with piping codes and standards

Material analysis & selection; corrosion control

Automation, actuation, instrumentation & controls

Procurement specifications

Develop purchase specifications for your unique needs

Represent your company on premier technical committees

Develop military standards and specifications

Prototype manufacture

Rapid prototyping - speeds your time to market

Small production runs

Product samples required for R&D

Qualification testing

Hydrostatic, leakage, flow, operationalFire Testing of Valves

Valve actuation

Fire testing

Shock & vibration, noise

Pipe flexure

Safety relief

NDE (nondestructive evaluation)

Third party design review

Unbiased design review

Independent test certification

Refurbishing, repair, and maintenance

Any type, material, or make of valve

Custom repair, your plant or our shopValve Maintenance

Test with steam, air/gas, or liquid

Compliance testing

Our repair facilities are certified and hold the VR stamp of approval from The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

Long-term maintenance partnerships available.


Problem valve/actuator analysis and recommendations

Root-Cause failure analysis

Material testing resources

Technical documentation

Technical manuals

Maintenance of customer drawings

Catalog development

Maintenance procedures


Cost reduction

Valve substitution using alternate off-the-shelf designs

Material substitution, processing

Design modification

Value engineering


Customized courses in valve and actuator design, application, and maintenance

Code compliance


Supplier network

Extensive network of proven suppliers and manufacturers

We will recommend the right suppliers for your needs saving you time, money, and hassels.

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