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Quality Audit & Maintenance Program


Valves have been called

the “work horses” or

“muscles” of any

automatic control

system because an

unexpected failure of

a critical valve can shut

down an entire plant

resulting in huge losses,

or in some cases, loss of life. And, with the rapid changes occurring in the process industries, there is a constant need for understanding of the design, testing, and maintenance of older and newer valves.


As with other piping components, the health of valves and actuators deteriorate with time. Since these are essentially opaque equipment, a simple periodic visual examination would not provide definitive clues to determine their internal condition. It has been every plant manager’s dream to find out well ahead of time, when a particular critical valve might fail and need maintenance?  Not only would this knowledge prevent unexpected costly plant shutdowns, it would make preventive repairs much easier. Well, help is on the way.


First, selecting the “right” valves, and then by installing a comprehensive maintenance program that can detect problems well ahead of time can minimize problems with valves. At SigmaTech, you will meet experienced engineers and technicians who have helped companies solve their valve problems and reduce the costs associated with leaky, jammed, or unsafe valves. We do it economically because valves are our only business. Our work is unbiased because we do not owe allegiance to any valve manufacturer. For a small investment, we can install a comprehensive Quality Audit & Maintenance Program for critical valves in your plant that will mitigate your headaches. We will:


  • Compile a comprehensive database of critical valves and spare parts. It will include valve cataloging, tagging, compiling failure history, parts list, etc. The database may be sorted by vendor part #, vendor information, application, failure history, etc.
  • Review existing valves to ensure if these are the “appropriate” valves for your applications.
  • Ensure that the valves are properly installed and maintained.
  • Conduct periodic leak detection (manual, ultrasonic, etc.) on valves and pipe joints.
  • Periodic check of control air/hydraulic fluid pressure, filter conditions, etc.
  • Troubleshoot problem valves. Repair or replace problem valves.
  • Custom design/modify an existing design, or suggest a new valve to suit your needs.
  • Minimize stocking of repair parts by identifying and eliminating duplication of parts.
  • Train your plant personnel with routine maintenance procedures.
  • Prepare/Compile Technical and Installation Manuals for valves.


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