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Typical Applications

Valve Applications

Often our customers call us for help when nothing else works. We have solved many tough problems... From high pressure to vacuum, from cryogenic to very high temperatures, from simple open-close to automation packages. Including highly corrosive and erosive, clean or dirty, hazardous service, fire resistant valves, zero emission valves, nuclear applications.

Our people are ready to work for you!

Our markets



Pulp and Paper

Power Generation


Food and Beverages

Water and Waste Treatment


Heating and Air Conditioning

Oil and Natural Gas Distribution


Commercial Ships

Coast Guard

Nuclear Waste Disposal




Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of valves, pressure vessels & piping components

NDE Engineering

Special NDE applications

NDE procedure development

Expertise in Navy, Aerospace, ASME pressure vessel

NDE Services

Visual inspection (VT)

Radiography (RT)

Magnetic particle (MT)

Liquid penetrant (LP)

Ultrasonic testing (UT)

Eddy current testing (ET)

Level III Services

SNT-TC-1A Program Development


NDE personnel/certification

Vendor surveillance

Vendor survey/audit

Third party inspection

Document review

QA Program/Data Packages/Procedures



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